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Dave Naydock was a mural and studio artist, who was born in Pottsville and returned to spend his adult life beautifying the town.  His murals can be seen at many locations around town, and his studio work graces walls around the world.  Dave was also an inquisitive and social fellow, who's wealth of knowledge included much Pottsville history as well as science, architecture, art history...he absorbed information and had a knack for sharing it in ways accessible to his audience.


 Dave enjoyed painting challenges, whether it was perspective, texture or capturing an emotion.  He would paint on anything he could find, whether it was a window, a shutter, a room divider, a drum head, a 2-man saw, or a piece of drywall.


Dave's family included his teammate and companion of 12 years, Lorraine Koury; his father Michael Naydock and wife Dorothy; his mother June; his late brother Christopher Michael Naydock; his twin brother Michael Naydock; his sister Lisa Bernruether and her husband William; his niece Tiffany Kokitus; The Koury family; and his cat, Mr. Cuddles Magnificat.



 Dave's work of art will always be with us. In memory of a beautiful artist, friend and mentor to many.



 "When we lost Dave on January 20th, 2013, we lost a beautiful soul who beautified the town with his gift.  We want to remember him and his influence on those who knew the man and those who knew his art, and introduce him to everyone else."   ~ Lorraine Koury



  "Dave was cut from a different cloth than most by being true to his desires and following them. I can only imagine what a wonderful life we would take on each day doing what we love like Dave did. His life was one to envy in this respect. Dave made creating art look easy - but those who knew him saw the dedication and hard work he put into every piece. his work ethic is to be admired by all.   ~ Frederick Hubler