"Save The Dave"

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Originally painted in 1992 by Dave Naydock on the side of Brewer's Outlet, previously occupying 20 CA Lord Blvd (Route 61) in Pottsville, PA. With the support of CVS and citizens of Pottsville, the mural was moved on August 14, 2015 to the Amphitheatre at Joulwan Park, in the "Aggie" off E. Norwegian St.



   To get involved go to TheRealDaveNaydockPage on                   or send email to Info@Naydock.com



Visit locations in downtown Pottsville to write your THANKS on a special Brewer's Outlet Postcard that will be sent to CVS in appreciation for their help in saving the mural!

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August 15, 2015




July 28, 2015